A Testimony

Received via Email August 2001

From:  Joan S.

I was saved in 1972 at the age of 7 while attending youth camp. At the time, I was from a certain denomination that had no problem with the use of modern versions. I looked at modern versions as a Godsend when I could not understand a passage from the KJ and enjoyed reading them. Although our pastor did use the KJ to preach from and we did our memory work from the KJ.

After my husband and I had been married about 3 years, he went in the army full time. We were stationed in Germany and there were no churches of our particular denomination there. So, we began attending an Independent, Fundamental Baptist church. After searching out the Scripture on some doctrinal differences, we decided to change our denominational affiliation. We were immediately confronted with the "fallacy" of using our modern versions at this point. Kicking and screaming, I gave up my NIV. I was never too happy about it.

However, my husband began to read the books by the KJOnlies and became dogmatically KJO. Thus, I was forbidden to own anything but KJV or use anything else with my kids who were never very interested in the Bible because (as my 9 yo daughter put it) they could not understand all those "thees" and "thous".

We attended a church from 1991-1994 that was KJ only. Our pastor decided to make a turn around from the KJOnly view and started using other versions. Recently, I decided to contact that pastor to ask him exactly what caused him to change his views. He sent me the 11 pages of "The Translators to the Reader" and an article by Dr. Robert Joyner called "Were the King James Translators KJV Only?" After reading this information, I knew I had to do some further research and went to a search engine to see if Dr. Joyner had a website. Indeed he did at www.communitybaptistchurch.com I went to his website and bought his book "King James Only?" which he sells for the very reasonable cost. I linked from his site to Brother Gary and Doug's site and have since learned of many others who are defending Christianity against the onslaught of KJVonlyism.

It is such a blessing to be able to sit down and read my NIV again without guilt. I am reading more than I have in years from my Bible because I enjoy reading it more. I now look forward to teaching the Bible to my kids because THEY can understand it better. I plan to buy my kids a modern Bible so they can enjoy reading themselves. I look forward to seeing spiritual growth in their lives as a result.

I had never been 100% sold on the KJV only mindset, but I could not put my finger on the reason why? I knew that some of my close friends who I considered to be very Godly women used other versions. They seemed to read their Bibles more consistently and have a closer walk with the Lord. This is one thing that kept me from being 100% convinced of KJO. However, until I read Dr. Joyner's book and articles from the kjvonlyism site, I could not articulate the err in the KJO mindset. Thank God for men like these, that I am now set free from the bondage of KJVonlyism and can be at liberty to fully grasp the truths of God's Word in a language I understand.

I lack 10 hours having a Bachelor's degree in Theology and still have a hard time understanding KJ sometimes! I cannot imagine what it is like for those who have an even more limited understanding such as new Christians. I will whole heartedly recommend the NIV, NASB and NKJV to new converts now!

"Free at last, free at last... thank God almighty... I am free at last!"