"AS I SEE IT" Issue Index

1:1, January 1998--12:8, August 2009


Note--items in quotation marks but without a name attached are by the editor; those with a name are quotations from the person listed.  Names followed by italicized titles are reviews of the book listed by the author mentioned.




"Priorities," 1:1

Henry, Robert Selph, "First with the Most" Forrest, 1:1

Robertson, A. T., The Christ of the Logia, 1:1




"A Personal Word," 1:2

"The Clinton Legacy," 1:2

Spurgeon, Charles H., "Spurgeon Compares the King James Version and the Revised Version of 1881," 1:2

Wesley, John, "John Wesley Speaks," [about the supreme importance of the Bible] 1:2

"Messianic Interpretation of the O. T. in Jewish Literature," 1:2

Williams, Ronald J., Hebrew Syntax: An Outline, 1:2

Ryle, J. C., A Call to Prayer, 1:2

Hayden, Eric, The Unforgettable Spurgeon, 1:2

Warfield, B. B., Counterfeit Miracles, 1:2




"The Scourge of the 'Prophecy Mongers', " 1:3

Horne, Thomas Hartwell, "A Judicious Comment on the Question of Infallible Bible Translations," 1:3

Cowdell, Scott, Is Jesus Unique?  A Study of Recent Christology, 1:3

Johnson, Philip, Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds, 1:3

Hayden, Eric, Highlights in the Life of C. H. Spurgeon, 1:3




Sibbes, Richard, "The Praise of Men vs. the Praise of God," 1:4

Brooks, Thomas, "A Smooth Stone from Ancient Brooks," 1:4

"Charles Haddon Spurgeon: The Prince of Preachers," 1:4

"Heroes," 1:4

Grisanti, Michael, ed., The Bible Version Debate, 1:4




“A Personal Note,” 1:5

"Which Bible--Really?" 1:5

Robertson, A. T., The Life and Letters of John Albert Broadus, 1:5

Swift, Catherine, John Newton, 1:5

Stanley, Thomas J. and Danko, William D., The Millionaire Next Door, 1:5

Shriver, George H., ed., American Religious Heretics, 1:5




"Thousands of False BAPTIST Baptisms," 1:6

"The Pastor and His Books," [Ten first books for the library] 1:6

"What Did John William Burgon Really Believe about the Textus Receptus and the King James Version?" 1:6

Salmon, George, Some Thoughts on the Textual Criticism of the New Testament, 1:6




"Ionela: A Child's Death in Romania," 1:7

"The Question of Child Salvation," 1:7

"The Travels of a Book," 1:7

Tytler, Alexander Fraser, "Thoughts on Democracy," 1:7

Patton, Robert H., The Pattons, 1:7

Ambrose, Stephen E., Citizen Soldiers, 1:7

Zarfas, Fred C., Mel Trotter, 1:7




"An Amazing Quotation from a First Century Rabbi [Johanan ben-Zakkai]," 1:8

Jackson, Mary Anna, Life and Letters of General Thomas J. Jackson, 1:8

Mantle, Mickey (family), A Hero All His Life, 1:8

Carson, D. A., The King James Version Debate, 1:8

Chantry, Walter, Today's Gospel: Authentic or Synthetic?, 1:8

Lockyer, Herbert, Last Words of Sinners and Saints, 1:8

Boller, Paul F., Jr., Presidential Anecdotes, 1:8




"Of Missionaries and Churches," 1:9

Horne, Thomas Hartwell, "Horne on Reading Foreign Language Bibles," 1:9

Torrey, R. A., "R. A. Torrey on Serving God," 1:9

Bennett, Richard, and Buckingham, Martin, eds., Far from Rome, Near to God, 1:9




"Foreign Language Bible Translations: the Best Sources of Information," 1:10

Carey, Samuel Pearce, William Carey, 1:10

Clarke, Adam, "Adam Clarke Directs Our [Language] Study," 1:10




"An Abandoned Bible," 1:11

"Conservative Theology and Conservative Politics," 1:11

" 'Everything Written in the Past was Written to Teach Us. . . .' " [re: historian Samuel Eliot Morison], 1:11

Morison, Samuel Eliot, The Intellectual Life of Colonial New England, 1:11

Johnson, Paul, A History of the American People, 1:11

Gourse, Leslie, Unforgettable: the Life and Mystique of Nat King Cole, 1:11




"Revelation 2 & 3: Prophetic of the 'Church Age' ?" 1:12

"Frank Kutilek, 1901-1998," 1:12

Watkins, Sam, "Company Aytch", 1:12

Anderson, Courtney, To the Golden Shore: the Life of Adoniram Judson, 1:12

Kane, J. Herbert, A Concise History of the Christian World Mission, 1:12

Gilbert, Martin, The First World War, 1:12




Spurgeon, C. H., “Seeing we have this ministry, we faint not,” 2:1

"My Annual Reading Scorecard," 2:1

Ross, Shelley, Fall From Grace, 2:1

" 'All the World's a Stage'," 2:1

Spurgeon, Charles H., "Salvation by Knowing the Truth [on I Tim. 2:4,5]," 2:1

"Distinguishing 'Heresy' from False Doctrine," 2:1




"The Faith of Abraham Lincoln," 2:2

"An Introduction to Lincoln Literature," 2:2

Boorstin, Daniel J., The Exploring Spirit: America and the Exploring Spirit, Then and Now, 2:2




"The Preservation of Scripture," [with quotes from Burgon, Scrivener and Dagg] 2:3

“At What Point May the Church Disobey the State?" [reprint], 2:3

Boorstin, Daniel J., "Some Lessons from History," [quotes from The Exploring Spirit], 2:3

Jones, E. Stanley, The Christ of the Indian Road, 2:3




Erasmus, “Christianity’s Debt to Scholars,” 2:4

"Agriculture as a Means of Grace," 2:4

"Gipsy Smith: Evangelist Extraordinaire," 2:4




Gillies, John, "The Compassion of George Whitefield," 2:5

Wiersbe, Warren, "Legalism," 2:5

Spurgeon, Charles H., "Spurgeon on True Worship," 2:5

"The Worst Advice Anyone Ever Gave Me Regarding Reading," 2:5

Donnelson, Fred, ed., Mother Sweet: Fifty One Years a Missionary to China, 2:5

Bunting, Josiah, III, An Education for Our Time, 2:5




"Wilbur M. Smith: the Man and His Books," 2:6

Restating the Obvious About Bible Translations." 2:6

Smith, Wilbur M., A Voice for God: the Life of Charles E. Fuller, 2:6

Barlow, Fred, Profiles in Evangelism, 2:6




Broadus, John A., "Exegesis," 2:7

Gill, Everett, A. T. Robertson: a Biography, 2:7

"On Reading Tainted Books," 2:7

Luther, Martin, "On the Value of Knowing Hebrew and Greek," 2:7

Havner, Vance, "Quotes from Hearts Afire,” 2:7

"Book Notice," [re: Charles E. Fuller biography], 2:7




Spurgeon, Charles H., "There but for the Grace of God. . . " 2:8

Ironside, Henry Allen, "A. T. Robertson: Premillennialist?" 2:8

Cone, Edward W., and Cone, Spencer W., The Life of Spencer H. Cone, 2:8

Ankerberg, John, and Weldon, John, The Facts on Jehovah's Witnesses, 2:8

Ankerberg, John, and Weldon, John, The Facts on Islam, 2:8

Ankerberg, John, and Weldon, John, The Facts on the King James Only Debate, 2:8

Spurgeon, Charles H., The Two Wesleys, 2:8




Mencken, H. L., "Virtue Doesn't Pay," 2:9

Spurgeon, Charles H., "Spurgeon on Providence and Forgiveness," 2:9

" 'The Spirit itself,' or, the Greatest Defect in the King James Version," 2:9

"My Nine Years as a Lost Church Member," 2:9

Hobbes, Thomas, "Thomas Hobbes on the Papacy," 2:9

Zelnick, Bob, Gore: a Political Life, 2:9




Bounds, E. M., quotations from "The Power of Prayer," 2:10

Spurgeon, Charles H., "Pride--a Pernicious Evil," 2:10

"What I Learned from Reading 1,000 Books," 2:10

" 'The Spirit itself' Revisited," 2:10

Nagel, Paul, John Quincy Adams: A Public Life, A Private Life, 2:10




"A Debased Presidency," 2:11

Robertson, A. T., "Quotes from The Minister and His Greek New Testament," 2:11

"The Fundamentalist Mindset at Its Worst," 2:11

Williams, James B., From the Mind of God to the Mind of Man, 2:11

Dobson, James, When God Doesn't Make Sense, 2:11

Jahoda, Gloria, The Trail of Tears, 2:11

Tucker, Ruth, From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya, 2:11

Oneil, Buck, I Was Right On Time, 2:11




"The Greatest Events and Greatest People of the 20th Century," 2:12

"Presidents of the 20th Century," 2:12

Plaster, John L., SOG: The Secret Wars of Americas Commandos in Viet Nam, 2:12

Atkins, Robert, Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution, 2:12

Atkins, Robert, Dr. Atkins' Health Revolution, 2:12

Atkins, Robert, Dr. Atkins' Vita-Nutrient Solution, 2:12




Leland, John, "Wise Words from Baptist Pastor John Leland," 3:1

Lightfoot, James Barber, "J. B. Lightfoot on the Incarnation," 3:1

"A Note on My Reading for 1999," 3:1

Robertson, A. T., "Excerpts from A. T. Robertson's Paul's Joy in Christ," 3:1

Lamsa, George, "A Word about the Lamsa Version," 3:1

Murray, Andrew, The Key to the Missionary Problem, 3:1




“The Study of English," 3:2

"The Strange Case of Robert Robinson," 3:2

Spurgeon, Charles H., "An Incident in the Life of Spurgeon," 3:2

Strong, Augustus H., "A. H. Strong on the Extent of the Atonement," 3:2

"The Abominable Affirmation, or, Jay Adams Versus Jesus Christ," 3:2

Hatcher, William E., John Jasper, 3:2

Smith, Oswald J., The Story of My Life, 3:2




Spurgeon, Charles H., "Spurgeon on Date-Setting Prophecy Buffs," 3:3

"The Glory of This Latter House. . ." 3:3

Ramsay, Sir William Mitchell, "A Pre-Eminent Classical Scholar on the Fundamental Truth of Scripture," [Pauline and Other Studies, p. 1] 3:3

Spurgeon, Charles H., "Spurgeon Comments on the Holy Spirit and Other Topics," 3:3

"A Word About Paraphrases of Scripture," 3:3

Cartwright, Peter, Autobiography, 3:3

Sandburg, Carl, "Carl Sandburg on Lincoln and Cartwright," 3:3

Conjurske, Glenn, Ministerial Education, 3:3




"John Gill, His Life and Writings: An Evaluation," 3:4

Rippon, John, "Excerpts from A Brief Memoir of the Life and Writings of the Reverend and Learned John Gill," 3:4

Burkitt, F. Crawford, S. Ephraem's Quotations from the Gospel, 3:4




Spurgeon, Charles H., "The Bible as the Standard of All Theological Truth," 3:5

Strong, Augustus H., "Quotes from Baptist Theologian A. H. Strong," 3:5

Ramsay, Sir William Mitchell, "On the Opinions of the Radical Critics and Commentators," 3:5 Spurgeon, Charles H., "Contending for the Faith Without Being Contentious," 3:5

"Where Can I Get Advise on Bible Commentaries?" 3:5

"Foreign Language Bible Translations: Another Source of Information," 3:5

Newton, John, Out of the Depths [autobiography], 3:5

Johnson, Samuel, "Ships and Jails Compared," 3:5

Ella, George, John Gill and the Cause of God and Truth, 3:5

Wilson, Brian, with Todd Gold, Wouldn't It Be Nice? [autobiography] 3:5




"The Conversion of General Nathan Bedford Forrest, CSA," 3:6

"A Guide to Books of Quotations," 3:6

Churchill, W. S., ”On Learning English,” 3:6

"Spurgeon and English Bible Translations," 3:6

Morison, James Coter, Gibbon, 3:6




"The Religious Hypocrisy of Thomas Jefferson," 3:7

"Unbalanced Preaching and Unbalanced Preachers," 3:7

Bradley, James, Flags of Our Fathers, 3:7

Winchester, Simon, The Professor and the Madman, 3:7




“Quotations from the Old Testament in the New Testament,” 3:8

Spurgeon, Charles H., “Labourers for the Harvest Field,” 3:8

“A Recent Experience in Studying Latin,” 3:8

Robertson, A. T., Studies in Mark’s Gospel, 3:8

Clark, Clifford E., Drama in the Real Lives of Missionaries, vol. II, 3:8




“The Poisonous Lust for Revenge,” 3:9

“First-Hand Impressions of John Calvin,” 3:9

Calvin, John, “Some Quotes from Commentary on a Harmony of the Evangelists Matthew, Mark, and Luke, vol. I,” 3:9

Spurgeon, Charles H., “Spurgeon’s Opinion of Calvin the Commentator,” 3:9




“The Man Who Hated Everything” [H. L. Mencken], 3:10

Spurgeon, Charles H., “Too Late!  Too Late!” 3:10

Larson, Edward J., Summer for the Gods: the Scopes Trial, 3:10

Stern, David H., tr., Jewish New Testament, 3:10

Maynard, Michael, History of the Debate Over I John 5:7, 3:10

Ackerman, Paul D., It’s A Young World After All, 3:10




“My Bad,” 3:11

“Comets and the Age of the Universe,” 3:11

Taylor, Howard, “A Searching Question from the Life of J. Hudson Taylor,” 3:11

“ ‘The Son of God’ or ‘a son of the gods’ (Daniel 3:25)? “ 3:11

Benedict, David, "Gillism and Fullerism" [quote from Fifty Years Among the Baptists], 3:4

Lefever, Alan J, Fighting the Good Fight: The Life and Work of B. H. Carroll, 3:11

Clayton, Peter, and Price, Martin, The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, 3:11

Clark, Clifford E., Drama in the Real Lives of Missionaries, vol. I, 3:11




“Having ‘The Final Authority’ in One’s Hand,” 3:12

Rubin, Jeffrey, “Evolution in the Public Arena,” 3:12

Luther, Martin, “On Isaiah 11:1,” 3:12

Barclay, William, William Barclay: A Spiritual Autobiography, 3:12




“Of the Reading of Books there is No End,” 4:1

“Making Sense of the Past, Forecasting the Future,” 4:1

Durant, Will, and Durant, Ariel, The Lessons of History, 4:1

Durant, Will, and Durant, Ariel, The Story of Civilization, 11 vols., 4:1

Durant, Will, and Durant, Ariel, Will and Ariel Durant: A Dual Autobiography, 4:1

Herm, Gerhard, The Celts: The People Who Came Out of Darkness, 4:1

Cahill, Thomas, How the Irish Saved Civilization, 4:1

Randall, Mike, ed., Our Heritage of Outstanding Fundamental Baptists, 4:1

Goldman, J. Curtis, Fifty Goldman Years in the Baptist Bible Fellowship International, 4:1




Havner, Vance, “Words of Wisdom from the Late Vance Havner,” [quotes from It is Time], 4:2

Horne, Thomas Hartwell, “T. H. Horne’s Expert Opinion on the Preservation of Scripture,” 4:2

Wells, Jonathan, Icons of Evolution, 4:2

McPherson, James M, and Cooper, William J., Jr, Writing the Civil War, 4:2

Epstein, Edward Jay, Dossier: the Secret History of Armand Hammer, 4:2

Wilson, Arthur W., and Stewart, Jonathan J, Duty, Not Preference: the Life Story of Arthur W. Wilson, 4:2




“America’s Royalty?” [re: Kennedys] 4:3

Henry, Carl F. H., The Pacific Garden Mission, 4:3

Albom, Mitch, Tuesdays with Morrie, 4:3




Spurgeon, Charles H., “Sound Words from Spurgeon’s Sermon ‘The Seed Upon the Rock’,” 4:4

Henry, Matthew, “Cain’s Murder of Abel: Gems from Matthew Henry,” 4:4

“ ‘God Forbid!’ : A Study in Bible Translation Methodology,” 4:4

Hertel, Leona, Man with a Mission: Mel Trotter and His Legacy for the Rescue Mission Movement, 4:4

Bullard, F. Lauriston, Abraham Lincoln & The Widow Bixby, 4:4

Lincoln, Abraham, “Letter to Lydia Bixby,” 4:4

Campbell, Randolph B., Sam Houston and the American Southwest, 4:4




“ ‘The Son of God’ or ‘a son of the gods’ Revisited,” 4:5

“Notes on Several Foreign Language Bible Translations and Their Relationship to English Versions,” 4:5

“KJVOism Gone to Seed: the ‘Rey Jaime’ Version,” 4:5

Spurgeon, Charles H., “ ‘Expecting Great Things From God,’ Spurgeon-Style,” 4:5

Hadley, Samuel H., Down in Water Street, 4:5

“Book Notice,” [re: “One Bible Only?”], 4:5

Woodmorappe, John, Noah’s Ark: A Feasibility Study, 4:5




“Corrections and Clarifications,” 4:6

Fundamental Baptist Fellowship [James Singletary], “A Fundamental Baptist Fellowship Resolution concerning Bible Translations,” 4:6

Spurgeon, Charles H., “The Guiding Hand of God’s Providence,” 4:6

“Charles Wesley’s Remarkable Conversion,” 4:6

Jones, Bob, Jr., Cornbread and Caviar, 4:6

Martin, Robert P., A Guide to the Puritans, 4:6

Nelson, Byron, The Deluge Story in Stone, 4:6

Carey, Juanita S., E. W. Bullinger, 4:6

Bullinger, E. W., “Even in Death, Spurgeon Won Souls,” 4:6




“Footnotes on the Previous Issue,” 4:7

“Music in the Church: Some Personal Observations,” 4:7

“ ‘Every Tub Must Sit on Its Own Bottom,’ “ 4:7

“The Providential Preservation of Scripture: the Views of Bentley, Dabney, and Kenyon,” 4:7

Eby, Frederick, Newman the Church Historian, 4:7

Oard, Michael J., An Ice Age Caused by the Genesis Flood, 4:7

Beza, Theodore, The Life of John Calvin, 4:7




“Facing the Music,” 4:8

“Ruckman on Luther and I John 5:7--Dolt or Deceiver?” 4:8

Fuller, Daniel P., Give the Winds a Mighty Voice, 4:8

Dorsett, Lyle, Billy Sunday and the Redemption of Urban America, 4:8




“Luther’s Finest Hour,” 4:9

Wiersbe, Warren, Why Us? When Bad Things Happen to God’s People, 4:9

Conrad, James Lee, The Young Lions: Confederate Cadets at War, 4:9

Cymbala, Kim, Fresh Power, 4:9

Davis, William C., The Battle of New Market, 4:9

Schaff, Philip, ed., Bible Revision, 4:9

Vaughn, John and Brenda, More Precious than Gold, 4:9




“Islam: Religion of Peace?” 4:10

“The Reading--and Writing--of History [Johnstown Flood],” 4:10

Horne, C. S., “Ain’t It the Truth! [re: educated ministry],” 4:10

Donnithorne, Larry R., The West Point Way of Leadership, 4:10

Maxwell, John C., The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, 4:10

McCullough, David C., The Johnstown Flood, 4:10

Sides, Hampton, Ghost Soldiers, 4:10




“ ‘Imagine’,” 4:11

“Notes on ‘Lucifer’ (Isaiah 14:12, KJV),” 4:11

Morison, Samuel Eliot, The Story of the ‘Old Colony’ of Plymouth, 4:11

Ambrose, Stephen E., Band of Brothers, 4:11




Calvin, John, “Literal Bible Hermeneutics: A Reformation Era Defence,” 4:12

Clarke, Adam, “The Essential Enlightening Work of the Holy Spirit in the Salvation of Sinners,” 4:12

“The Evolutionists’ Own Words Testify Against Them,” 4:12

“Why Did Jesus Come?  The Answer From His Own Words,” 4:12

Boorstin, Daniel J., The Discoverers, 4:12

Ambrose, Stephen E., Comrades, 4:12




“A Word of Explanation,” 5:1

“The Year in Retrospect,” 5:1

Olson, Barbara, The Final Days, 5:1

Taylor, J. Hudson, A Retrospect, 5:1

Hughley, J. D., Baptist Partnership in Europe, 5:1

Whitsitt, William H., A Question of Baptist History, 5:1

Goldman, J. Curtis, Tales of an Extinct Military Species, 5:1

Vedder, Henry C., A Short History of the Baptists, 5:1

Randall, Mike, Our Baptist Distinctives, 5:1




McClintock, John and Strong, James, “The Use of the Bible by the Laity,” 5:2

Spurgeon, Charles H., “Wise Counsel from Spurgeon: the Enduring Power of the Pure Gospel to Draw Men to Christ,” 5:2

“Shakespeare and the KJV?” 5:2

“A Word About Bible Societies--FYI,” 5:2

Hoy, Suellen, Chasing Dirt, 5:2




[anon.], “Solemn Reflections on Our Inescapable Influence for Good or Ill on Others [poem],” 5:3

“It Really IS ‘Always Something’,” 5:3

“Patrick of Ireland: Suggested Reading,” 5:3

“A Brief Comment About the “Gender-Neutral” NIV,” 5:3

Wayland, Francis, Notes on the Principles and Practices of Baptist Churches, 5:3

Wayland, Francis, “Notable Quotations from Notes on the Principles and Practices of Baptist Churches,” 5:3

Hunter, Cornelius, Darwin’s God, 5:3




“More Regarding Patrick of Ireland,” 5:4

“The Latin Vulgate Bible Translation in Historical Perspective, part I,” 5:4

“The History Writings of William Manchester,” 5:4

Nunn, H. P. V., The Elements of New Testament Greek, 5:4

Goldberg, Bernard, Bias, 5:4




“Odd Road Signs from Maryland and Pennsylvania, Personally Observed,” 5:5

Carroll, B. H., “B. H. Carroll Exposes the Fraudulent Evasion, ‘No Creed But the Bible’,” 5:5

“The Strange Fascination of Evil Men with Men of Principle,” 5:5

“The Latin Vulgate Bible Translation in Historical Perspective, part II,” 5:5

Havner, Vance, “Bible Dissectors--Some Observations by Vance Havner,” 5:5

“ ‘Old Testament Introduction’--Some Suggested Resources,” 5:5

A Note on Our Analysis of Beginning Greek Grammars,” 5:5

VanderKam, James C., The Dead Sea Scrolls Today, 5:5





Spurgeon, Charles H., “Spurgeon on the Inferiority of Signs and Wonders to the Word of God,” 5:6

Spurgeon, Charles H., “Spurgeon on the Rituals of Rome,” 5:6

“Shooting Buffalo on Ted Turner’s Ranch,” 5:6

Robertson, A. T., Passing on the Torch, and Other Sermons, 5:6

Ambrose, Stephen E., Undaunted Courage, 5:6

Havner, Vance, Why Not Just Be Christians? 5:6




“Priests, Pedophilia and Preachers,” 5:7

“The Surprising Neglect of the Life of Christ,” 5:7

Smith, Miles, “Another Quote in Praise of the Latin Vulgate of Jerome,” 5:7

Pierson, A. T., George Mueller of Bristol, 5:7




“The Perspective from the Editor’s Chair,” 5:8

“Do ‘Critical’ Greek New Testament Texts Undermine the Doctrine of Blood Atonement?” 5:8

Packer, J. I., “The Authority of Scripture: the Ultimate Fundamental,” 5:8

Hopkins, Lemuel J., The Celtic Gospels, 5:8

Ambrose, Stephen E., Nothing Like It in the World, 5:8

Noonan, Peggy, When Character was King, 5:8




“Man Proposes but God Disposes,” 5:9

“Wading Through the Sea of Christian Writers,” 5:9

Spurgeon, Charles H., Our Own Hymn-book, 5:9

Hicks, Brian, and Kropf, Schuyler, The Raising of the Hunley, 5:9

Lutzer, Erwin W., Pastor to Pastor, 5:9




“October,” 5:10

“When A Child Dies,” 5:10

Johnson, Samuel, “Disappointing Designs of Life,” 5:10

Hayford, Jack, I’ll Hold You in Heaven, 5:10

Nash, Ronald H., When A Baby Dies, 5:10




“More Strange and Novel Roadside Signs,” 5:11

“ ‘Beware of Every Kind of Greed,’ “ 5:11

“The Eastern Orthodox Church,” 5:11

Phelps, William Lyon, “The Relative Worth of Bible Knowledge and a College Education,” 5:11

Henry, Matthew, “Moses’ 40 Years in Exile,” 5:11

Sugden, Howard, and Wiersbe, Warren, Confident Pastoral Leadership, 5:11

McCullough, David C., The Path Between the Seas, 5:11




Sorenson, David H., Touch Not the Unclean Thing, 5:12

Jones, William, “The Miracles of Jesus,” 5:12




Schaff, Philip, “Philip Schaff on the Relative Merits of the Textus Receptus,” 6:1

“Crazy Alexander Cruden and His Concordance,” 6:1

“Corrections,” 6:1

“English Concordances Other Than Cruden’s,” 6:1

Clarke, Adam, “Adam Clarke on the Folly of Relic Worship,” 6:1

Wiersbe, Warren, Listening to the Giants, 6:1

Wiersbe, Warren, Walking with the Giants, 6:1

Ambrose, Stephen E., To America, 6:1




“Is the King James Version a ‘Roman Catholic Bible’?” 6:2

Clarke, Adam, “Adam Clarke Regarding Thomas’ Doubt,” 6:2

Gulick, Charles, “The More Things Change, . . .” [re: pampered athletes], 6:2

Adams, Tom: The Jail: Mission Field for Churches, 6:2




Spencer, Herbert, “Protecting Fools From the Effects of Their Folly,” 6:3

“You Could Look It Up!” 6:3

Ray, Dixy Lee, Trashing the Planet, 6:3

Mallon, Thomas, A Book of One’s Own: People and their Diaries, 6:3

Ross, Bob, Old Landmarkism and the Baptists, 6:3

Hendricks, Howard G., Say It with Love, 6:2




Armitage, Thomas, “Baptist Successionism,” 6:4

Spurgeon, Charles H., “Salvation by Knowing the Truth,” 6:4

“Five Notable Books on the Life and Person of Jesus Christ,” 6:4

Ryle, J. C., “The Pre-Eminent Fundamental Truth,” 6:4

Spurgeon, Charles H., “Sorrowless Repentance,” 6:4

Johnson, David E., Douglas Southall Freeman, 6:4

Basbanes, Nicholas, A Gentle Madness, 6:4




“The Power of God in the Life of George Whitefield,” 6:5

 “All the Aramaic Words in the New Testament,” 6:5

“The KJV and the Catholic Rheims NT: Two Examples of Dependence,” 6:5

“And Just How Do You Pronounce ‘Kutilek’ Anyway?” 6:5

Spurgeon, Charles H., “Spurgeon on the Spiritually Deadening Effects of Consistent Preaching of Cold Doctrinaire Calvinism,” 6:5




“Well, Almost All the Aramaic Words in the New Testament,” 6:6

“Reading about ‘Eternal Punishment’ in Hell,” 6:6

Lamb, Charles, “Shakespeare and Jesus, “ 6:6

Hooker, Richard, “One Motive for the Universal Offer of the Gospel,” 6:6

Freeman, Douglas Southall, Douglas Southall Freeman on Leadership, 6:6

Basbanes, Nicholas, Patience & Fortitude, 6:6

English Standard Version (New Testament), 6:6




“An Inductive Study of the Use of Monogenes in the New Testament,” 6:7

“To the Zoo,” 6:7




“Bill,” 6:8

Spurgeon, Charles H., “Idle, Unproductive ‘Spectator’ Church Members,” 6:8

Moulton, James H., “ ‘In the Fullness of Time’: God’s Providence in the Timing of Jesus’ First Coming.” 6:8

Winchester, Simon, Krakatoa, 6:8

Marsden, George M., Reforming Fundamentalism: Fuller Seminary and the New Evangelicalism, 6:8

Piozzi, Hester Lynch, Anecdotes of Samuel Johnson, 6:8

Wiersbe, Warren, Something Happens When Churches Pray, 6:8




Thorpe, Jerry, “The Wisdom of the Sages,” 6:9

Bassham, Keith, “The Wisdom of the Sages,” 6:9

Westminster Confession of Faith, “The Clarity and Intelligibility of Scripture,” 6:9

“The Westminster Assembly and the Inspiration and Preservation of the Word of God,” 6:9

“Notice: As I See It Available Complete On-line,” 6:9

Lewis, C. S. “On Reading Old Books,” 6:9

Bigler, Philip, In Honored Glory: Arlington National Cemetery The Final Post, 6:9

Nicolson, Adam, Power and Glory: Jacobean England and the Making of the King James Bible 6:9

Peters, James Edward, Arlington National Cemetery: Shrine to America’s Heroes, 6:9




“The Ten Commandments: Protestant, Catholic and Jewish Perspectives,” 6:10

“Dealing with The King James Only Movement in the Local Church,” 6:10

Drummond, Lewis, Spurgeon: Prince of Preachers, 6:10

Jobes, Karen H., and Silva, Moises, Invitation to the Septuagint, 6:10




“The Adventures of Douglas in Bookland,” 6:11

“What’s With That?--Our File Code,” 6:11

“How Rome Misrepresents Christianity,” 6:11

Norris, Rick, The Unbound Scripture, 6:11

“The Ten Commandments Once More,” 6:11

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