"AS I SEE IT" Cumulative Alphabetic Index

1:1, January 1998--16:5, May 2013

Articles--by Doug Kutilek


“100 Consecutive Issues of As I See It,” 9:4

"An Abandoned Bible," 1:11

"The Abominable Affirmation, or, Jay Adams Versus Jesus Christ," 3:2“

“Acts 19:20: A Test Case for Translation Evaluation,” 9:8

“Adventists at 33,000 Feet,” 10:6

“The Adventures of Douglas in Bookland,” 6:11

"Agriculture as a Means of Grace," 2:4

“Alexander Cruden Revisited,” 8:4

“ ‘All that Glisters is not Gold’, “ 15:2

“All the Aramaic Words in the New Testament,” 6:5

" 'All the World's a Stage'," 2:1

"An Amazing Quotation from a First Century Rabbi [Johanan ben-Zakkai]," 1:8

“The American Crisis, 1776 and 2005,” 8:7

America’s Royalty?” [re: Kennedys] 4:3

America’s Terminal Crisis of the Spirit?” 10:2

 “ ‘. . . And descended into Hell’,” 7:5

“Ancient Bible Versions in English Translation,” 15:4

“And Just How Do You Pronounce ‘Kutilek’ Anyway?” 6:5

“. . . And Just What Counsel and Comfort Can They Give?” 9:10

“ ‘And the People had a Heart to Work,’ “ 8:1

“And They Love in the Preachers’ Meetings to be Called, ‘Doctor!  Doctor!’ ” 9:10

“Annotated Bibliography of Works Consulted for the Five-part Series ‘Spanish Bible Versions’,“ 12:5

“An Annotated Chronological List of Holy Land Pilgrimage Accounts, Part I” 14:2

“An Annotated Chronological List of Holy Land Pilgrimage Accounts, Part II,” 14:4

“Another Cult-produced Bible ‘Translation’ “ 15:10

“Another Quote Traced to Its Source,” 7:1

“Another Unique View of Spurgeon,” 13:7

“An Answer to David Otis Fuller,” 10:5

“A. T. Robertson: Pre-Eminent Baptist Scholar,” 2:7

“A. T. Robertson on Romans 8:16: Scholarship Enough for Mr. Cloud?” 11:10

 “At What Point May the Church Disobey the State?" [reprint], 2:3

“Award Shows Ad Infinitum,” 10:3

“The ‘Awful Summer’ of 2011,” 14:11

“Bacon and Fludd and the KJV?” 15:12

“A Balanced Approach to Bible Versions,” 12:1

“Basil Manly Jr. and Bible Versions,” 9:6

“Becoming a True Christian Scholar,” 13:11

“The Best Cure for KJVOism: a Real 1611 KJV,” 14:6

“The Best Thing Martin Luther Never Said,” 14:10

“ ‘Beware of Every Kind of Greed,’ “ 5:11

“Bible Acrostics and ‘Full Transference’ in Translations,” 10:10

“A Biblical Perspective On Environmentalism, part I” 16:1

“A Biblical Perspective on Environmentalism, part II,” 16:2

“A Biblical Perspective on Environmentalism, part III,” 16:3

“A Biblical Perspective on Environmentalism: Part IV,” 16:4

“A Biblical Perspective on Environmentalism: Part V,” 16:5

 “Bill,” 6:8

“A Bit of Chaos about Kosmos in the New Testament,” 15:2

“Bland and Ordinary Holiday ‘Specials’,“ 13:12

“ ‘Blessed are the Dead Who Die in the Lord’ ,“ 12:12

"Book Notice," [re: Charles E. Fuller biography], 2:7

“Book Notice,” [re: “One Bible Only?”], 4:5

“Born Again in Kansas, Baptized in Arizona,” 12:10

“A Brief Comment About the “Gender-Neutral” NIV,” 5:3

“A Brief Follow-up” [Everett Harrison], 14:7

“A Brief Opinion Regarding the American Standard Version,” 13:3

“Broadus’ Commentary Available,” 12:1

“Bunhill Fields: Truly Hallowed Ground,” 9:1

“ ‘By What Authority?’: The Question of ‘Tradition’ in the New Testament,” 15:1

“The Canon of Scripture: Some Recommended Resources,” 16:4

“Captain Matthew J. Kutilek USMC,” 13:3

“The CHARACTER of the Man Re-enforces the MESSAGE,” 13:7

“Charles Darwin, Racist,” 12:7

"Charles Haddon Spurgeon: The Prince of Preachers," 1:4

“Charles Wesley’s Remarkable Conversion,” 4:6

“Charlie [Basom],” 10:6

“ ‘Church’ or ‘Churches’ (Acts 9:31)?” 11:6

"The Clinton Legacy," 1:2

“College: A Playground for Continued Adolescence?” 7:6

“Comets and the Age of the Universe,” 3:11

"Conservative Theology and Conservative Politics," 1:11

"The Conversion of General Nathan Bedford Forrest, CSA," 3:6

“Correction,” 13:9

“A Correction,” 11:1

“A Correction of Our Correction,” 12:5

“A Correction or Two,” 13:11

“Correction re: Psalm 119,” 14:9

“Corrections,” 6:1

“Corrections,” 8:10

“Corrections and Clarifications,” 4:6

“A Couple of Personal Notes,” 15:6

“Crazy Alexander Cruden and His Concordance,” 6:1

“The Creature’s Murderous Hatred for the Creator,” 10:3

The Da Vinci Code Deception,” 7:9

The Da Vinci Code Once Again,” 7:10

“Daniel 8:25---How Should It Be Translated?” 10:8

“The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Reliability of the Masoretic Text,” 12:8

“Dealing with The King James Only Movement in the Local Church,” 6:10

“Dean John W. Burgon Not ‘Textus Receptus’ Only,” 8:12

“The Death of ‘Doctor Death’ ” 12:6

"A Debased Presidency," 2:11

“December,” 9:12

“Did the Church Fathers Know Hebrew?” 7:9

"Distinguishing 'Heresy' from False Doctrine," 2:1

“Do ‘Critical’ Greek New Testament Texts Undermine the Doctrine of Blood Atonement?” 5:8

“Do Text Variants in Greek New Testaments Affect Doctrine?” 13:6

“Doctrinal Error in Thayer’s Lexicon,” 15:3

“Doxologies in the Writings of the New Testament,” 10:4

“Eadie volumes on English Bible Available,” 13:7

“ ‘Easter’ : Some Notes on Acts 12:4, KJV,” 11:10

“The Eastern Orthodox Church,” 5:11

“The Education of Children: Who is Responsible?” 11:6

“ “El Gibbor”: “The Mighty God” of Isaiah 9:6 and the NET Bible,” 12:8

“Emotion-Driven KJVOism,” 13:7

“English Concordances Other Than Cruden’s,” 6:1

“An English Translation of the Peshitta Syriac Bible,” 15:6

“The Entitlement Mentality,” 14:11

“Erasmus, His Greek Test and His Theology, part I,” 13:4

“Erasmus, His Greek Test and His Theology, part II,” 13:5

“The Error of ‘Verbal Plenary Preservation,” 12:11

“ ‘Every Tub Must Sit on Its Own Bottom,’ “ 4:7

" 'Everything Written in the Past was Written to Teach Us. . . .' " [re: historian Samuel Eliot Morison], 1:11

“The Evolutionists’ Own Words Testify Against Them,” 4:12

“An Evolutionist’s Presuppositional Blindness,” 10:12

“Exodus 22:28--‘God’, ‘gods’, or ‘judges’?” 11:2

“Ezekiel 16:12 in the KJV: A Question,” 8:9

“Facing the Music,” 4:8

"The Faith of Abraham Lincoln," 2:2

“ ‘Faith IN Jesus Christ’: A Point of Greek Grammar,” 13:5

“ ‘Faith’ versus ‘Presumption’, “ 10:10

“A Famous Observation Regarding the Creation of Eve,” 12:6

“A Father’s Day Surprise,” 9:9

“Fifteen Full Years,” 15:12

“The Fifth ‘Gospel’ “ [The Holy Land], 14:1

“First Books,” 9:1

“The First Greek and Hebrew Testaments Printed in America,” 8:1

“First-Hand Impressions of John Calvin,” 3:9

“Five Notable Books on the Life and Person of Jesus Christ,” 6:4

“Follow-up on Through Gates of Splendor,” 15:11

“Footnotes on the Previous Issue,” 4:7

"Foreign Language Bible Translations: the Best Sources of Information," 1:10

"Foreign Language Bible Translations: Another Source of Information," 3:5

“Foreign Language Bible Translations: Yet Another Source of Information,” 8:1

“The Forger Simonides and the Sinaiticus Manuscript,” 16:4

“Forty Years Ago, Last Month,” 14:9

"Frank Kutilek, 1901-1998," 1:12

“From the Archives,” 12:9

“From Japan to Joplin: What is the Biblical Perspective on So-Called Natural Disasters?” 14:6

"The Fundamentalist Mindset at Its Worst," 2:11

“Genesis 22:8, 14: Casting Light on the English from the Hebrew,” 10:2

“ ‘Get Thee Behind Me Satan’ at Luke 4:8,” 14:11

"Gipsy Smith: Evangelist Extraordinaire," 2:4

"The Glory of This Latter House. . ." 3:3

“ ‘God Forbid!’ : A Study in Bible Translation Methodology,” 4:4

“God ‘Rocks’: Regarding the Translation of Isaiah 44:8,” 13:8

“God ‘Rocks’: Regarding the Translation of Isaiah 44:8 Once Again,” 13:12

 “ ‘Godhead’: A Study in Older English Biblical Vocabulary,” 11:12

“ ‘Gold is Where You Find It’, “ 10:12

“A Grammatical Question Regarding Colossians 1:17,” 15:10

"The Greatest Events and Greatest People of the 20th Century," 2:12

“The Greek Grammar of the Great Commission,” 15:8

“Greek Self-Taught: Some Suggestions,” 16:1

"A Guide to Books of Quotations," 3:6

“Having ‘The Final Authority’ in One’s Hand,” 3:12

“Hebrew New Testament Translations: A Comprehensive History, part I,” 9:3

“Hebrew New Testament Translations: A Comprehensive History, part II,” 9:4

“Hebrew New Testament Translations: A Comprehensive History, part III,” 9:5

"Heroes," 1:4

“The Highway of Life,” 7:12

“ ‘His People’: the Jews, or ‘The Elect’?” 14:3

“Historic American Bibles,” 7:12

“An Historical Footnote” [re: Sam Houston] 9:1

“The History Writings of William Manchester,” 5:4

“ ‘Holy Ghost’ and ‘Holy Spirit’ in Older English Versions,” 16:2

“ ‘Holy Men of Old’, “ 11:3

“ ‘Holy Men of Old’ Once Again,” 11:4

“The Holy Spirit an ‘It’?  Unclouding the Issue,” 11:9

“ ‘Hoping to Goodness’ is Not Theologically Sound,” 15:9

How Did Jesus Perform Miracles?” 11:2

“How the Gifts of the Spirit Were Conveyed: A Confirmatory Quote,” 11:10

“How Rome Misrepresents Christianity,” 6:11

“How Were the Charismata Transmitted in New Testament Times?” 7:1

“ ‘I Have Found the Coin Which Was Lost’,” 9:2

“I Remember Noel Smith,” 8:10

“ ‘Imagine’,” 4:11

“Important Bible Facsimile Available” [Matthew’s Bible], 14:7

“In Defense of Biblical Miracles, part I,” 14:5

“In Defense of Biblical Miracles, part II,” 14:5

“In Retrospect: High School Graduation Plus 40 Years,” 13:8

“An Inductive Study of the Use of Monogenes in the New Testament,” 6:7

“The Influence of Exodus 34:6-7 in the Old Testament,” 11:5

“Information on English and Foreign Language [Bible] Versions,” 12:9

“Inspired Words and Inspired Thoughts, or, Variant Readings in the Inspired Autographs,” 7:6

"An Introduction to Lincoln Literature," 2:2

"Ionela: A Child's Death in Romania," 1:7

“Is the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia Corrupt?” 10:4

“Is the King James Version a ‘Roman Catholic Bible’?” 6:2

“Is Mormonism a ‘Cult’?” 14:10

“Isaiah 7:14 and the Virgin Birth,” 12:7

“Isaiah 9:6, 7,” 14:12

“Islam: Religion of Peace?” 4:10

“Issues in Biblical Chronology,” 8:2

“It Really IS ‘Always Something’,” 5:3

“James 3:1-4, AV: a Study in Translation Obscurity,” 10:11

“Jesus and the Repentant Thief Once More,” 8:7

“ ‘Jesus’ in Acts 7:45 and Hebrews 4:8,” 12:2

“Jesus Married?” 15:10

“ ‘Jesus’ Misplaced!” 10:8

“Jesus Outside the New Testament: Ancient Evidence,” 7:9

“A Jehovah’s Witness at the Door,” 10:3

“I John 5:7,” 13:1

"John Gill, His Life and Writings: An Evaluation," 3:4

“Joseph Story and the Interpretation of the Constitution,” 7:3

“Joseph Story on the Second Amendment,” 7:3

“The King James Version Now the ‘Official’ Bible of Mormons,” 14:3

“The KJV and the Catholic Rheims NT: Two Examples of Dependence,” 6:5

“The KJV Is a Copyrighted Translation,” 8:3

“KJVOism Gone to Seed: the ‘Rey Jaime’ Version,” 4:5

“2 Kings 19:14,” 13:1

“The Latin Vulgate Bible Translation in Historical Perspective, part I,” 5:4

“The Latin Vulgate Bible Translation in Historical Perspective, part II,” 5:5

“A Legacy,” 12:10

“ ‘Let the Women Be Veiled’: I Corinthians 11:2-16,” 11:5

“Linacre’s Startling Discovery and Amazing Confession,” 6:12

“Lincoln and Darwin: Parallel Lives, Divergent Legacies,” 12:2

“ ‘Luther-Only!’ “ 13:10

“Luther’s Finest Hour,” 4:9

“Making Sense of the Past, Forecasting the Future,” 4:1

“Man Proposes but God Disposes,” 5:9

“The Man Who Hated Everything” [H. L. Mencken], 3:10

“A ‘Mansion’ over the Hilltop?” 12:4

“Matthew 28:1,” 15:5

“A Mentor’s Recommendations,” 13:6

"Messianic Interpretation of the O. T. in Jewish Literature," 1:2

“Miracles Jesus Did NOT Perform,” 10:4

“Miracles of Jesus--Chronological List, with References,” 15:1

Monogenes: ‘Unique, One-of-a-Kind’ Once Again,” 9:12

“More Regarding Patrick of Ireland,” 5:4

“More Da Vinci Code Critiques,” 8:10

“More on the Original Manuscripts of the New Testament,” 11:9

“More on the Recent English Septuagint Translation,” 15:5

“More Strange and Novel Roadside Signs,” 5:11

“Music in the Church: Some Personal Observations,” 4:7

“Music Suitable in the Worship of God.” 16:3

"My Annual Reading Scorecard," 2:1

“My Bad,” 3:11

“My Personal Debt to Dr. Henry M. Morris,” 9:3

"My Nine Years as a Lost Church Member," 2:9

“My Reading Plans: A Short Wish-List,” 14:1

“Myopic Lingua-phobic American Preachers,” 15:12

“The Napoleonic School of Pastoral ‘Leadership’,” 14:10

“Neander, the King of Prussia, Christianity and the Jews,” 6:12

“ ‘Not One Iote or One Title’: A Plea for Original Spelling,” 15:4

“Notice: As I See It Available Complete On-line,” 6:9

"A Note on My Reading for 1999," 3:1

“A Note on Our Analysis of Beginning Greek Grammars,” 5:5

“A Note on Paul’s Non-use of the Term Hades,” 7:5

“Notes on ‘Lucifer’ (Isaiah 14:12, KJV),” 4:11

“Notes on Several Foreign Language Bible Translations and Their Relationship to English Versions,” 4:5

“October,” 5:10

Odd Road Signs from Maryland and Pennsylvania, Personally Observed,” 5:5

"Of Missionaries and Churches," 1:9

“Of the Reading of Books there is No End,” 4:1

“ ‘Old Testament Introduction’--Some Suggested Resources,” 5:5

“On Bruce Metzger Once Again,” 10:9

“On Chafer’s True Evangelism Once Again,” 14:4

“On the Missing ‘Amens’, “ 11:1

“On the Rabbinic Observation Regarding the Creation of Eve,” 12:7

"On Reading Tainted Books," 2:7

“On Reading Tyndale’s 1536 New Testament,” 14:7

“On 2 Kings 19:14 Again,” 13:3

“On ‘World Without End’ Once Again,” 14:1

“ ‘Over the River and Through the Woods. . .’ “ 15:12

“Paul Harvey--No Adventist,” 12:11

"The Pastor and His Books," [Ten first books for the library] 1:6

“Patrick of Ireland: Suggested Reading,” 5:3

"A Personal Word," 1:2

“The Perspective from the Editor’s Chair,” 5:8

“The Peshitta Syriac New Testament versus the Textus Receptus and the KJV,” 14:10

“Planning a Year’s Reading,” 11:1

“A Plea For Zeal WITH Knowledge,” 12:5

“The Poisonous Lust for Revenge,” 3:9

“The Poisonous Lust for Revenge (part 2),” 13:12

“The Post-Hurricane Sandy Clean-Up,” 15:11

“The Power of God in the Life of George Whitefield,” 6:5

"The Preservation of Scripture," [with quotes from Burgon, Scrivener and Dagg] 2:3

“Preserved, But How?” 9:2

"Presidents of the 20th Century," 2:12

“A Pressing Appeal,” 10:11

“Priests, Pedophilia and Preachers,” 5:7

"Priorities," 1:1

“Professor Daniel Wallace: ‘Inerrancy not Essential’, “ 12:12

Proskartereo in the New Testament,” 15:7

“The Providential Preservation of Scripture: the Views of Bentley, Dabney, and Kenyon,” 4:7

“ ‘Purified Seven Times’ [Ps. 12:6]: A Case of Defective Exegesis and Improper Application,” 13:9

 “A Question and Answer Regarding Faith and Evidence,” 8:7

"The Question of Child Salvation," 1:7

“A Question Regarding Greek New Testament Readings,” 15:9

Qui Desiderat Pacem, Praeparet Bellum,” 8:5

“Quotations from the Old Testament in the New Testament,” 3:8

“Reading About the Dead Sea Scrolls,” 7:3

Reading about ‘Eternal Punishment’ in Hell,” 6:6

Reading about George Whitefield,” 9:2

“The Reading--and Writing--of History [Johnstown Flood],” 4:10

“A Real Danger in Using Annotated Study Bibles,” 11:8

“The Real Origin of ‘What Would Jesus Do’,” 8:8

“Recent Articles Worthy of Your Attention,” 8:6

“A Recent Experience in Studying Latin,” 3:8

“Reflections of Days Long Past,” 8:8

"The Religious Hypocrisy of Thomas Jefferson," 3:7

“Religious Pluralism and Tolerance in the Roman Empire?” 9:12

“Remarkable Alternative Energy Source Discovery!” 12:1

“A Remarkable Rabbinic Interpretation Regarding the Messiah,” [Zech. 12:10] 7:11

"Restating the Obvious About Bible Translations." 2:6

"Revelation 2 & 3: Prophetic of the 'Church Age' ?" 1:12

“Revelation 13:16--A Question About How It Should be Translated,” 8:6

“Revelation 13:16 Once Again,” 8:7

“Riplinger Calling Kittel Black,” 12:6

“Robert Dick Wilson: How Fuller Misrepresented His Views.” 7:11

“Ruckman: What He Doesn’t Know Can Hurt You,” 8:5

“Ruckman on Luther and I John 5:7--Dolt or Deceiver?” 4:8

“Russell H. Conwell (1843-1925),” 9:7

“Sam Houston: Sinner Saved by Grace,” 7:2

“Scholarship Then and Now,” 15:6

“School Violence in America,” 9:10

"The Scourge of the 'Prophecy Mongers', " 1:3

“The Scourge that is the European Economic Union,” 8:1

“The Septuagint--B.C. or A.D.? pt. I,” 7:7

“The Septuagint--B.C. or A.D.? pt. II,” 7:8

“ ‘Set Up’ or ‘Cast Down’? Daniel 7:9,” 10:9

“Shakespeare and the KJV?” 5:2

“Shakespeare and the KJV Once More,” 8:8

“Shooting Buffalo on Ted Turner’s Ranch,” 5:6

“Should Laymen be Allowed to Read the Bible?” 14:8

“A Side of Beef for Just $38.20,” 15:8

“Single or Triple Immersion?” 15:9

“The Sinlessness of Jesus: A Fundamental Doctrine,” 8:12

“The So-Called ‘Greatest Generation’s’ Greatest Failure,” 7:6

“The Social Security Debate: Random Thoughts,” 8:2

“Some Advice on Doing a Word Study in the Bible,” 8:1

“ ‘The Son of God’ or ‘a son of the gods’ (Daniel 3:25)? “ 3:11

“ ‘The Son of God’ or ‘a son of the gods’ Revisited,” 4:5

“Spanish Bible Versions, part I,” 11:11

“Spanish Bible Versions, part II,” 11:12

“Spanish Bible Versions, part III,” 12:1

“Spanish Bible Versions, part IV,” 12:3

“Spanish Bible Versions, part V,” 12:4

" 'The Spirit itself,' or, the Greatest Defect in the King James Version," 2:9

" 'The Spirit itself' Revisited," 2:10

“The Spirit of KJVOism as Evidenced in an Exchange of Letters,” 12:11

"Spurgeon and English Bible Translations," 3:6

“Spurgeon and ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ Once Again,” 13:3

“Spurgeon on the Greek Text of Westcott and Hort,” 9:3

“Spurgeon’s Library in New Hands,” 9:11“

“ ‘Steal your Sermons!!’ (For the Glory of God?),” 10:1

“ ‘Sticking by the Stuff’ ,“ 13:6

"The Strange Case of Robert Robinson," 3:2

“The Strange Fascination of Evil Men with Men of Principle,” 5:5

“The Study of English," 3:2

“Summer 2007, Post Mortem,” 10:9

“The Surprising Neglect of the Life of Christ,” 5:7

“The Ten Commandments: Protestant, Catholic and Jewish Perspectives,” 6:10

“The Ten Commandments Once More,” 6:11

“Ten Full Years,” 10:12

“Textual Variants in the New Testament: Readily Available Sources of Information,” 9:9

“Things I’d Like to Read or See Written,” 11:1

“The ‘Thirty-Nine Articles’ Regarding the Scriptures,” 11:4

“This Minister in His Study: the Year Past, the Year Ahead,” 10:1

"Thousands of False BAPTIST Baptisms," 1:6

“Tools for Studying the ‘Church Fathers’,“ 7:4

“To the Zoo,” 6:7

“To Translate or Not to Translate: Introductory ‘And’ in the Hebrew and Greek Texts and English Versions” 11:2

"The Travels of a Book," 1:7

“Twelve Established Historical Facts Regarding the Death of Jesus,” 14:4

“A Truly New Volume of Spurgeon’s Sermons,” 12:12

“The Truth about the Waldensian Bible and the Old Latin Version,” 15:2

"Unbalanced Preaching and Unbalanced Preachers," 3:7

“Unforeseen Circumstances,” 8:9

“An Unnoticed Argument for an Early Date for the Synoptics,” 8:11

“The Use of Spanish Bible Versions in Spanish Language Study,” 8:6

“Ussher’s Chronology: Its Defective Nature,” 9:11

“Ussher Once Again!” 9:12

“Variant Readings and the Virgin Birth,” 7:3

“Variant Readings and the Virgin Birth Once Again,” 7:9

“Wading Through the Sea of Christian Writers,” 5:9

“Web-site Notice,” 7:9

“A Web-site Worth Visiting,” 13:7

“Well, Almost All the Aramaic Words in the New Testament,” 6:6

“The Westminster Assembly and the Inspiration and Preservation of the Word of God,” 6:9

“We’ve Moved,” 7:2

“What B. F. Westcott Really Believed,” 6:12

“What Became of the Original Manuscripts of the Old and New Testament Books?” 11:8

“What Did Jesus Promise the Repentant Thief?” 8:6

"What Did John William Burgon Really Believe about the Textus Receptus and the King James Version?" 1:6

"What I Learned from Reading 1,000 Books," 2:10

“What’s With That?--Our File Code,” 6:11

“When A Child Dies,” 5:10

“ ‘When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again’: A Personal Note,” 8:2

"Where Can I Get Advise on Bible Commentaries?" 3:5

“Where Texts and Translations Differ: Sources of Information,” 12:11

“Which Bible--For Today?” 10:3

"Which Bible--Really?" 1:5

“Who Killed Goliath?” 7:5

“Why Did Jesus Come?  The Answer From His Own Words,” 4:12

“Why I Hate KJVO Extremism,” 7:4

“ “Why These Four and No More?”: In Reply to Questions Regarding the Gospels,” 12:9

"Wilbur M. Smith: the Man and His Books," 2:6

“William Carey Prayed Here,” 10:3

“Wine in the Bible and Antiquity,” 12:10

“A Word About Bible Societies--FYI,” 5:2

"A Word About Paraphrases of Scripture," 3:3

“A Word of Explanation,” 5:1

“The Works of Frederick Bastiat in Print,” 11:8

“ ‘World Without End’: the Anatomy of an Odd Biblical Phrase,” 13:12

"The Worst Advice Anyone Ever Gave Me Regarding Reading," 2:5

“ ‘Wounds’ or ‘Tasty Morsels’? ” 9:8

“Writings of Glenn Conjurske Now On-Line,” 15:3

“ “Ye” or “He”: a Notable Variant Reading at Jeremiah 34:16,” 8:10

“Yet Another New ‘Bible’ to Avoid,” 12:5

“The Year in Retrospect,” 5:1

“ ‘You Can Observe a Lot Just by Watching’ ,“ 13:9

“You Could Look It Up!” 6:3


Book Reviews--by Doug Kutilek (alphabetic order by book author)

Abanes, Richard, The Truth About the Da Vinci Code. 7:11

Ackerman, Paul D., It’s A Young World After All, 3:10

Adams, Tom: The Jail: Mission Field for Churches, 6:2

Albom, Mitch, Tuesdays with Morrie, 4:3

Ambrose, Stephen E., Americans at War, 9:10

Ambrose, Stephen E., Band of Brothers, 4:11

Ambrose, Stephen E., Citizen Soldiers, 1:7

Ambrose, Stephen E., Comrades, 4:12

Ambrose, Stephen E., Nothing Like It in the World, 5:8

Ambrose, Stephen E., To America, 6:1

Ambrose, Stephen E., Undaunted Courage, 5:6

Ankerberg, John, and Weldon, John, The Facts on Islam, 2:8

Ankerberg, John, and Weldon, John, The Facts on Jehovah's Witnesses, 2:8

Ankerberg, John, and Weldon, John, The Facts on the King James Only Debate, 2:8

Anderson, Courtney, To the Golden Shore: the Life of Adoniram Judson, 1:12

Atkins, Robert, Dr. Atkins' Health Revolution, 2:12

Atkins, Robert, Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution, 2:12

Atkins, Robert, Dr. Atkins' Vita-Nutrient Solution, 2:12

Barclay, William, William Barclay: A Spiritual Autobiography, 3:12

Barlow, Fred, Profiles in Evangelism, 2:6

Basbanes, Nicholas, A Gentle Madness, 6:4

Basbanes, Nicholas, Patience & Fortitude, 6:6

Bastiat, Frederic, The Law, 11:7

Bates, David Homer, Lincoln in the Telegraph Office, 7:2

Batten, Don, et al., Answers to the Big Four Questions, 8:10

Battles, Matthew, Library: An Unquiet History, 8:12

Behe, Michael, The Edge of Evolution, 12:7

Bennett, Richard, and Buckingham, Martin, eds., Far from Rome, Near to God, 1:9

Bethell, Tom, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science, 9:6

Beza, Theodore, The Life of John Calvin, 4:7

Bigler, Philip, In Honored Glory: Arlington National Cemetery The Final Post, 6:9

Boller, Paul F., Jr., Presidential Anecdotes, 1:8

Boorstin, Daniel J., The Discoverers, 4:12

Boorstin, Daniel J., The Exploring Spirit: America and the Exploring Spirit, Then and Now, 2:2

Boreham, F. W., Arrows of Desire, 13:6

Boreham, F. W., A Bunch of Everlastings, 15:2

Boreham, F. W., My Pilgrimage, 13:10

Boswell, James, Boswell’s Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides. 10:8

Brake, Donald L., A Visual History of the English Bible, 14:12

Bradley, James, Flags of Our Fathers, 3:7

Bradstreet, Ken, The King James Version in History, 9:5

Brainerd, David, David Brainerd’s Personal Testimony, 9:10

Brinkley, Douglas, ed., The Notes: Ronald Reagan’s Private Collection of Stories, etc., 15:7

Broadus, John A., Commentary on the Gospel of Mark, 11:12

Broadus, John A., Sermons and Addresses, 12:9

Brown, Elijah P., The Real Billy Sunday, 14:7

Bruce, F. F., The English Bible, 15:5

Bruce, F. F., The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable?, 7:2

Bruce, F. F., The Defense of the Gospel in the New Testament, 9:6

Bruce, F. F., Israel and the Nations, 12:11

Buckley, William F., The Reagan I Knew, 12:6

Bullard, F. Lauriston, Abraham Lincoln & The Widow Bixby, 4:4

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